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Leave the other forecourts green with envy.

Leave the other forecourts green with envy.

Leave the other forecourts green with envy.

Pacific eNVy

Leave the other forecourts green with envy.


Pacific Dispensers Deliver the Lowest Cost of Ownership


Power Savings 60% Power Savings

Bennett’s X19 Electronics draw only 2AMPS of power while operating at 100Mhz and delivering 158 million instructions per second. Providing a 60% power savings compared to the competition - saving you money while increasing the dispenser’s performance. The X19 Electronics also include Bennett’s exclusive Watchdog Timer - which virtually eliminates the need for dispenser re-starts.
*Note: Competitive content derived from most current available published information. Bennett makes no guarantee pertaining to the accuracy or availability of competitive information.

  Pacific eNVy dispenser provides a 60% power savings vs the competition

5-Year Warranty 5-Year Warranty: Simply the best

We know that avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs is a crucial part of owning a gas station. We’ve engineered the Pacific Series dispenser and its components to provide the highest return on investment and lowest cost of ownership. In addition to the full two year bumper-to-bumper limited warranty, Bennett covers many of the most critical components for a full 5-years. Some of these critical components include Grade Select Buttons, Nozzle Boots, Meters and Manifold castings.


Pacific eNVy dispenser provides reduced maintenance costs Reduced Maintenance Costs

SB100 Meter
Bennett’s SB100 meter is the industry’s most accurate meter, providing station owners with peace-of-mind and years of trouble-free performance.
Included in 5-Year Warranty

Grade Select Buttons
The Pacific Grade Select Buttons are the industry’s only stainless steel buttons with no moving parts, making them virtually indestructible.
Included in 5-Year Warranty

Display Panels
All display panels use hardened polycarbonate sacrificial lenses providing increased protection and longevity.

7 and 10.5in Displays


Bennett offers two factory installed high resolution display options: 7" or 10.5" high resolution screens available for merchandising or forecourt media.
See Merchandising Solutions for more information.

10.5" Color Display

  • Displays video and sound
  • Add your own video and still image content or use a retailer media program
  • 800 x 600

7" Widescreen Color Display

  • Displays video and sound
  • Add your own video and still image content or use a retailer media program
  • 800x480

Secure Payment Options

EMV and NFC Payment Options

EMV Payment

Stay ahead of the 2021 EMV payment mandate deadline with Bennett's secure EMV solution. The EMV payment option includes PCI-Compliant/EMV-Ready hybrid chip card reader, PCI-Compliant/EMV-Ready EPP and high speed printer.

NFC Reader

Bennett offers an NFC (nearfield communication) contact-less reader that works with any NFC-enabled payment and mobile payment.

Pacific Technical Information

  • Specifications
  • Displays
  • Approvals & Environmental
DIMENSIONS:44.75"w (base) x 94.5"h x 20.5"d / 760lbs
113.6cm x 227.33cm x 60.9cm / 340kg
PRODUCTS:Up to 4 Products Per Side
HOSES:Up to 2 Hoses Per Side
UNIT TYPE:Straight Grade, Mixer or Blender
VOLTAGE:120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz
FLOW RATE:40lpm / 12gpm
INLET / OUTLET:1.5" (3.8cm) dia NPT / .75" (1.9cm) dia NPT
PROTOCOL:Bennett Open Protocol / Generic / RS485
SALES DISPLAY:LCD 6-Digit 1.4" (3.6cm) Tall Numbers
VOLUME DISPLAY:LCD 6-Digit 1.1" (2.79cm) Tall Numbers
PRICE PER UD:LCD 5-Digit .4" (1cm) Tall Numbers
BACKLIGHT:LED Backlight - Low Power Consumption

7-Digit Electro-Mechanical Totalizer - 1 Per Hose

Electronic Non-Resettable Totals - 8.3 for Volume, 9.2 for Money

APPROVALS:UL, Weights and Measures, PCI/PED 3.x
HUMIDITY:0 to 95% Non-Condensing