Bennett CNG Dispensers are designed to provide customers with a familiar fueling experience by incorporating the same interactive features used on traditional fuels dispensers. Bennett CNG Dispensers also use an active visual display of the fueling process to provide customers with the assurance of a full fill.

Standard Features

  • 7” Widescreen Display with Soft Keys
  • Illustrative Full Fill Gauge
  • User Training Slides
  • Micro-Motion Coriolis Meter
  • Brand Specific Nozzle Boot
  • Custom Branded Graphics and Valance

Payment Options

  • EMV: 7” Widescreen or 10.5” Display with soft keys, Hybrid Chip EMV Card Reader, PCI-Compliant EMV ready EPP, High Speed Receipt Printer
  • CREDIT-ALPHA: Alphanumeric integrated pay-at-the-pump system with 7” display for fleet and long-haul consumers
  • NFC reader for contact-less payment, mobile payment, loyalty and other near-field devices


  • Single-Sided, Single Hose
  • Single-Sided, Dual Hose
  • Single, Dual or Three Bank Inlets
  • 1/2" or 3/4" Internal Piping
  • Purged or Non-Purged Cabinets
  • Ball Valves
  Bennett Pump CNG Alternative Fuel Dispenser

CNG Technical Information

  • Specifications
  • Displays
  • Approvals & Environmental
DIMENSIONS:44.75"w x 94.5"h x 20.5"d / 760lbs
113.6cm x 240cm x 52cm / 340kg
PRODUCTS:Up to 2 Products
HOSES:Up to 2 Hoses
UNIT TYPE:Straight Grade Only
VOLTAGE:115/230 VAC, 50/60Hz
FLOW RATE:100 kg / min
INLET / OUTLET:1.5" (3.8cm) dia NPT / .75" (1.9cm) dia NPT
PROTOCOL:Bennett Open Protocol / Generic / RS485
SALES DISPLAY:LCD 6-Digit 1.4" (3.6cm) Tall Numbers
VOLUME DISPLAY:LCD 6-Digit 1.1" (2.79cm) Tall Numbers
PRICE PER UD:LCD 5-Digit .4" (1cm) Tall Numbers
BACKLIGHT:LED Backlight - Low Power Consumption

7-Digit Electro-Mechanical Totalizer - 1 Per Hose

Electronic Non-Resettable Totals - 8.3 for Volume, 9.2 for Money

APPROVALS:Met Labs Certified for 1/2", 3/4", Purged and Non-Purged, NTEP Certificate of Conformance, PCI/PED 3.x Compliance, NFPA 52, NFPS 496, CSA 12.5-M99, ANSI/IAS NGVA 4.1-1999
HUMIDITY:0 to 95% Non-Condensing