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Bennett Pump, the only dispenser manufacturer to offer a universal EMV upgrade solution, has implemented the Conexxus Forecourt Payment Terminal V1.0 protocol into their EMV payment systems for new dispensers and EMV upgrade kits connected to Verifone Commander POS systems.

The level 3 (L3) certification between Bennett’s payment terminal and Verifone POS (Commander) is essential to satisfy the liability shift and covers all aspects of EMV; whether contact or contactless. The partnership between Bennett and Verifone, using the Conexxus protocol, delivers that L3 certification.

Non-L3 EMV implementations could leave retailers exposed to liability and support risk.

Bennett’s EMV Upgrade kits provide a factory-fit solution for most every Gilbarco, Wayne, and all Bennett fueling dispensers. Bennett EMV upgrade kits represent the most economical method for retailers to quickly become EMV compliant regardless of which dispenser manufacturer they have at their facility. Further, the effortless installation process of Bennett’s EMV kits will facilitate compliance in short order as they upgrade their Verifone POS.

The Conexxus protocol is the industry’s first standard for outdoor payment terminals and simplifies the communication between the dispenser and in-store equipment. The standard manages magnetic stripe, EMV and NFC transactions and controls the customer interface. Bennett is implementing this in cooperation with Verifone to deliver solutions to the market.

This will be live at sites in early 2021, making Bennett the first to officially implement the new standardized protocol with VeriFone.